CRISKids™ On-Demand


Welcome to the CRISKids™ On-Demand section, which features instant access to audio versions of award-winning children's magazines, the Common Core text exemplars -- in process of being recorded -- and custom recordings of academic materials requested by teachers for their special needs students who are not reading at goal as measured by a standardized test.

Children who are blind or learning, physically, intellectually or emotional disabled or have difficulty reading printed material are eligible for CRISKids™ service.

CRISKids™ On-Demand includes three components: CRISKids Magazines; CRIS Common Core Audio Library; and CRISKids For Schools.

The magazine section of CRISKids™ On-Demand is available with a modest subscription of $5 per month or $30 per year. With a CRISKids™ On-Demand subscription, subscribers will receive unlimited access to audio versions of nearly 70 newspapers and magazines.

Try CRISKids™ On-Demand with a 30-day trial! The first 200 who sign up for a one-year subscription of CRIS Radio’s on-demand programming will receive a free MP3 player. Click here to subscribe.

NEW SERVICE FOR EDUCATORS! Schools and organizations serving children or adults with disabilities also may subscribe to CRISKids For Schools with an annual subscription of $500. Special rates are available, depending on the number of subscribing schools within a school district. The subscription provides unlimited access to CRIS Radio’s on-demand programming as well as three hours of customized recording / editing service FREE-OF-CHARGE, and access to the CRIS Common Core Text Exemplars..

CRIS Radio programs are available on the CRIS Telephone Reader service at no-charge. For more information about the CRIS Telephone Reader service, please contact us.

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CRISKids Magazines

Audio Versions of Award-Winning Children's Magazines

Ask [Ages 6 to 9]
Click [Ages 3 to 6]
Iguana (Spanish)
Imagine [High school]
Muse [Ages 9 to 14]
National Geographic Magazines [Ages 6 to 14]
Ranger Rick [Ages 7 and up]
Ranger Rick Jr. [Ages 4 to 7]
Scholastic Action
Scholastic News ED3
Scholastic News ED4
Scholastic News ED5/6
Science World
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Time For Kids
Yes [Ages 10 to 15]

CRIS Common Core Audio Library

Audio Versions of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects


CRISKids™ For Schools

Audio Versions of Academic Units Custom Recorded